What’s The Dilly Yo? – Xscape by Michael Jackson is NOT HIM?? !!!!

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What’s The Dilly Yo? – Xscape by Michael Jackson is NOT HIM?? !!!!

Editor in Chief- Najaam Lee

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You heard RIGHT!

If you got the new album of 8 songs or the deluxe version of 17 songs, you have probably listened to it by now and felt a bit puzzled to some of the songs, but told yourself ” .. it’s Michael! … isn’t it? “… hard fans of MJ, who knows every ins and out on Michaels style of singing and how he sings certain lyrics a particular way that will immediately hit your soul to the moon! Well, this album, Xscape is not taking you there.

So what happened? What is really going on? and why try and fool the public to think this is MJ all the way?

I, took the time to investigate this new album this weekend, that is curated and executively produced by LA Reid and head-producer, Timbaland with a team of record producers. I listened to the entire album of Xscape ( 8 track version), then I went and relistened to This Is It album, Thriller, Invincible, and I must say, understanding that MJ is/was a serious, serious perfectionist, with that said, he would never have dropped this album to the world, especially to his fans. Yes, he did do hundreds, and hundreds of songs before he past away, and some he did not complete to his satisfaction. Therefore, some of the songs I listened to did not have Michael’s magic touch, in fact, a few of the songs sound like someone else, as if  they hired an imposter to do MJ’s parts and I’m sorry its CRAP SHIT!

(Why have someone else sing his songs?)

Yes, Michael is now gone, but do the man JUSTICE. Either select the right songs and enhance them right or don’t touch them at all. Was this about MONEY? what was the rush after putting out This Is It, to now put out Xscape, where its not great enough to drop. I really don’t care who you feature on his songs, because whoever is with Timbaland will get that chance to be on a MJ record > Justin Timberlake. And this is not about knocking the existing talent that was gathered to do this, but the selected songs are not Michael Jackson. Go and listen to the album and hear for yourself. NO NO NO , not the magical Michael Jackson.

Why didn’t you hire the man who helped made him into the MJ he became > Quincy ‘Master’ Jones? He knows and knew the depth talent and skills of MJ who brought out the best songs and best albums of MJ. MJ, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, producer, expert music, best of michael jackson,

This is such a disappointment as a fan of Michael Jackson, and as a writer.

Why even name the album Xscape, non of the songs goes with the theme, which MJ was excellent at his themes.

I really wanted to write about the dazzling strength I know Michael to have, but this springs more questions, and this production is just cheating the genius of the spirit of MJ. You selected poor songs, used a singer/sounds that is not MJ on his songs, and ugggg…..

Go back to the studio and get QJ on it!

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