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When Stuff Keeps Coming!

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Solange Knowles looked drunk and troubled from the start of the Met Gala!

Well well well, so we all heard and saw the tapes of Solange going ‘buck-wild’ on Jay Z. Jay really handled himself well and kept his cool. I know if it was any of us in that exact situation, blood would have been drawn. But, lets really check this for a second. According to sources, Solange was having blows with many people at the Met Gala, including Rachel Roy, who is Damon Dash ex. If you don’t know, Damon Dash and Jay Z used to be business partners with ROCAFELLA, and other deals, which they no longer due to a major falling out that ended their business relation and it even hit their personal friendship.

BUT, what surprised me, well…. not really, I think Beyonce knew there were cameras in the elevator, and tried very hard to keep her composure. Because if she had swung at her sister, it would have been a REAL FRONT PAGE NEWS Across the 7 seas and SPACE! So,i  think that was a strategy move on her part.

Personally, I think Solange had way to many glasses, and couldn’t hold her liquor. Some people are very happy when they have liquor running through them, and others turn into little demons, that make you see a side of them that you only here in fairy-tales. That was Solange that night.

I’m waiting for more reports, because, the Carters may be tight lip, but everyone else around them will TALK!

Hey, do you think they buy into their on HYPE way to much? Comment below >>>



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