My African Daughters Kidnapped WHILE Their Government FILL THEIR POCKET$$$!

bring our girls back, nigeria, My African Daughters Kidnapped WHILE Their Government FILL THEIR POCKET$$$!

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee



While many sit on their F***ing A$$$$ we have young African girls being stolen and SOLD to DITCH BAGS across the world. The NIGERIAN Government is POCKETING every SALE, why would they even pursue Terriosts- Kidnappers if they are IN BED with them???

If this was your daughter or even son, what would you DO???? SIT?

Come on America, what the hell do we have all these International connections, relations and Laws FOR? If this went on in our country, YALL BE SCREAMING FIRE!!!!! OK .. Wake the FFFF UP!!

bring our girls back

This angers me and sooo0 many people and I can’t imagine what 270 plus mothers are going through.

How can a government allow 276 plus girls DISAPPEAR from underneath them without any alarm? Please .. Liars

You can do something, POST this Blog on every US and NIGERIAN website you can think of to get attention. Why should we support their economy when you have DITCH BAGS in that OFFICE. DON’t Send another dime over there and let them squeal like pigs!


I don’t care what religion you are or not, this is just wrong all around 😦



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