Owning Your POWER!

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Owning Your POWER!

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

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This month Beyonce graces the cover of OUT Magazine with a beautiful Marilyn Monroe look. A topless shot with her hands covering her breasts. Its simple yet a powerful statement. The statement of Power and Ownership. In her interview, Beyonce discusses her new album, her inspirations, being a feminist and what it means to be  herself.

One thing I wanted to engage in here was ownership of power. As women, we tend to give away our power so easily over to another person, especially men. We do this more so in relationships, marriages etc.. We’ve held on to this biblical anthem called Submissiveness. This word has been twisted to mean ‘ bow down ‘ to men, your partner, or whomever. To let go of our own thoughts, beliefs, our ideas and dreams; and to ‘ follow’ this man.

What is so twisted is that we are created as gods and goddesses. The bible and other religious books clearly state this type of creation that even the Angels bow down before our feet. Hello? So if we are created as such highly beings, how then can we drop that seat and become servants or slaves to  mere MEN?!

I’m not religious, and I do not follow Christianity. But I am merely being a Spirit observing.

As women, we don’t trust our own-selves. We don’t trust our decisions, thinking that men know much more. Which is simply not true. Our physicality may seem weaker but its only an illusion. Yes, there are men physically stronger, but we can still be as strong. This has been proven time and time again.

We are so quick to say ‘ Ok, whatever you like, its fine’. Our vocabulary needs changing. Our belief system needs changing.

Now many will say ‘ Naj, are you a Feminist? ‘. And the answer is NO. This has nothing to do with a category, its about life itself. Being powerful is a part of life. Its a part of living. You have to have it in order to live. Its like a tool that you use every single day; you can’t give it away, you need it!

The standards man have laid out back in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s worked for that time period. But the 60s came and we, women, said NO MORE! So why are we trying to still go backwards. You can be an Artist, businesswoman, be a mom and a wife. There is no such thing as CAN’T. period. Anything is possible. And, its been proven and shown time and time again.

What is really honest is we gotta stop saying ‘ It’s A Mans World ‘; once we stop saying this and begin saying ‘ It’s a Balanced World’, we will start manifesting  a balanced or equal world. We must change our vocabulary and thought-process in order to inject change swiftly.

Isn’t it about time?!



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