WE PRAY: Benzino Shot During His Mother’s Funeral Procession (VIDEO)

How crazy. The disrespect at a parent’s funeral. Plus, who carries guns to a funeral. Simply bizarre, idiotic and stupid. As many have said, only ” ni#@$$ ” would do this! And I must say this, since when two adults can’t properly speak to each other without violence? So quickly to take a person’s life because you are upset. Thank god he’s alive, or it could be him also being buried by his mother side today also. Just sick and disappointing.

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benzino stevie j UPDATE 8:20PM EST:

Benzino is ok and recovering, as Love & Hip Hop: ATL co-star Stevie Jshared the above photo in addition to the one below. Zino appears to be a little shaken up and his arm is in a sling.

benzino stevie j

He captioned the photo of himself and Benzino:

#VH1Boyz #ZinoGrigio #Sleazo #GodIsGood

Stay tuned for updates.

According to new reports, Hip-Hop media executive, co-founder of The Source, record producer, and Love & Hip Hop: ATL reality tv star Benzinowas shot during his mother’s funeral procession today in Duxbury, a suburb of Boston.

Benzino is said to be in stable condition and it is believed that his own nephew, 36-year-old Gai Scott, is the one who fired the shots. The 48-year-old allegedly suffered a shot to his body after an argument ensued.

The Boston Globe reports:

State Police said the initial report stated the shooting occurred after an argument…

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