Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL!

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Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL – Drunk- In- Love

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Summer is around the corner and we are all in the running to get our bodies back in shape after a serious  winter BLUBBER! Amen — including me.

We all want to look good, feel good and fit into that summer dress we’ve been eyeing. In another post, we’ll jump into that more. But let’s talk about all the “HONEY” that will be displaying muscles and packs on the beach and in the streets this summer. OMG! this is going to be a hot one.

Summer Flings can be cool if you are just looking for a Arm Candy to escort you to the many events you will be attending, plus some under the sheets fun — PLEASE WEAR PROTECTION!

But, I want to talk about more than a summer fling. Let’s be serious, most of us are hoping and seeking for Mr. Right. A man that actually is secure within himself; that you are his shining light in his life. A man with great physique, that’s confident, passionate, loving, enjoys his career, and deep spiritually. We desire qualities that are uplifting and non stressing on us. We want a man that holds all the  Hubby qualities and more!

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Most of the time we choose the one that is actually a reflection of our childhood and/or our current lifestyle. To change that template, we actually have to revamp the foundation of ourselves. All that we lack in our own life, we must change and enhance, so that we attract at a new level, which in turn attracts the ideal man who is also on that level.

I’ve always said this particular quote, ” A relationship should be like the cherry on top of a sundae”. It’s that beautiful sweetness that makes the rest of the dessert so appealing, tasty and fulfilled.

When you attain a relationship like this, you are DIL.

(This is the new hashtag #DIL #I’mDILwith )

DIL is Drunk In Love — Just like the song from Beyoncé. And I got to thinking on this the other night. Being drunk in love is that heavy, deep love that is intoxicating. You can’t get enough of it. Its that love which makes you feel REAL GOOD. Dizzy, light and flying in clouds. Its that happy feeling which makes you smile all day and all night. Its a heavenly, everlasting love that everything you look at is beautiful.

Why not strive for DIL than a short summer fling?

A relation that makes you look forward to tomorrow and enjoy each and every moment. That would be the ideal Summer DIL! Don’t you think?

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