GAGA and G.U.Y. – Did You Like or Hate It??

GAGA and G.U.Y. – Did You Like or Hate It??

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This weekend, Lady Gaga debuted her new video G.U.Y. on NBC. GOSH! what happened with E! or MTV? sooo not big enough or they are not interested?


G.U.Y. directed by Lady Gaga.

The video reminded me a little of a couple of clips. One from Kanye West movie ” Runaway” , and a  bit of  Queen and Liberace. The video is over the top scenery and storyline. Its a bit confusing as to what’s really going on. But from watching it a few times, its about Gaga being shot down I guess by all her critiques, business associates, maybe even her Label. She gets up and finds herself in a heavenly place of Beverley Hills Housewives, Jesus, and surrounded by happy, go lucky Gay Business Men. She is baptized and is transformed into the white purity of gay heaven. And then after its a bunch of orgies, and a ton of self masturbation.

The video is actually 8 mins. Then the other 3.5 minutes are Credits with Manicure playing to the end.

Compared to Alejandro with over 200 Million views, G.U.Y. doesn’t match up.




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