Chris Brown WON’T LEARN!

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Chris Brown in Court

Chris Brown WON’T LEARN!

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Back on it Thursday!

Okay. I think I can speak for many of us when we say “We are tired of hearing about Chris Brown’s antics!”

Like, when will YOU LEARN? Seriously. We all have been rooting for him to get his life back together and bring up his career even more successful, but he keeps digging deeper into MORE TROUBLE. OMG, enough now already. Grow up and take proper action for your LIFE! I’m sorry, but being BAD is NOT SEXY! It’s very childish, immature for a lack of better words.

So what if you are bi-polar, etc… that’s no excuse for your behaviour. So many people in this world have issues, problems, illnesses that they deal with on a daily basis, but they are not going around punching on other people because of it.

This latest incident of Chris’s bad behaviour, touching a female’s elbow had me dying with laughter. KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS TO YOURSELF! This is so kindergarten, that you just couldn’t resist touching someone. And, now have to serve some time, in jail, because you still will not learn. Isn’t he tired of going into a jail cell? or wearing the Orange Jumpsuit? which, by the way, is not his colour.

Rehab, is for you to rehabilitate yourself, not make friends or try to get with a girl. How idiotic! You are a star, which is a walking sign for money. Any chance a person gets to make money off of you, they will. Hasn’t he learned this yet. OMG, stay to yourself and meditate, draw, work on music, find yourself CHRIS.

OMG! Sounds like Chris’s mother needs to step up her disciplinary and give Chris a very good spanking– Old School.

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( my Thursday rant!)


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