GOSH!About REVIEW! – The Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry

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The Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry
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GOSH!About REVIEW! – The Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry

Editor in Chief – Najaam Lee

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Yea, its been a minute or less but I got a movie review for you. And just maybe I may also do a video for you guys.. If you guys LIKE this article and share it on FB .. I will probably do it.

So lets get into this!

Friday, after school, I hung out with my little girls and a girl-friend. Had a beautiful dinner before the movies. Awesome girl time. I think it was well needed because my little one is still¬†‘ KNOCKED-OUT ‘ …¬†lol … So, us adults went to see Single Moms Club while the little ones went to see ¬†Peabody & Sherman ( which I heard was an amazing movie).

With all the over populated advertisement and hype on this movie, I was curious to see it, and I really had no idea it was this weekend its official premiere. If you have not seen this movie, then I don’t want to spoil this for you. I will try my best not to reveal too much.

Overall, the movie is funny; many comedic moments. The movie is about four women who are single parents raising their kids and managing careers at the same time. How they come together is through the private school all their kids attend at which they get caught doing naughty things that the principal meets with all the parents and tell them they must work together and raise money for the school in order to not let their kids get expelled from the school. So, during their first meeting, Nia Long’s character who is a writer, comes up with an idea of a support group that allows each of them receive their kids looked after while the rest go out and get a break. For the fundraiser, they each meet a guy who actually help them put the fundraiser together.

There is a tragic moment that happens that gives the movie a little rise. But I have to say there are many moments when the movie is very slow and dull. The acting of a few of the actors are not great and can be better.

The movie seemed put together in a rush. I think more time was needed and better scenes created to make it a box office movie. In my opinion, this movie is a DVD movie or something for Lifetime or HBO. Paying $14.00 to see this movie was not worth it.

I think the storyline of the movie is very good; showing a side to what many single mothers go through, including myself, in raising kids on their own without the help or support of the father. The movie shows each mother’s struggles, fears, and ambitions.

The Single Moms Club movie is a nice movie, but needs many improvements. Its funny, and thanks to casting a few good actors helped the movie as a whole.

I give this movie 3.5 Stars out of 5.


The Single Moms Club is in theatres everywhere!

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