Open Letter to Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

Open Letter to Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

Hey Goshers!

This is some sad news isn’t it! A twenty year old marriage between two of the most popular film and music stars are planning to separate and call it Quits.

Well today, in this Open Letter, I hope we, as their fans, can save a beautiful marriage and give them a wake up call.

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a young Paula and Robin

This is an Open Letter to Paula Patton and Robin Thicke:

In all honesty, your marriage is absolutely none of our business. But, because you are in the public life and Mr.Thicke has been going around on public platforms, such as concert venues, announcing to the world his love for you Paula and that he is trying to win you back, he basically opened the door for us to come in and take a seat. So let’s sit.

Lets go back to when you both first met which was in school, in the same town. Robin was struck by your beauty and the strength you carried as a young woman. Paula on the other hand took a minute plus, you thought he had a crush on you that would pass.

Now years have passed and you guys are not only together but married. Paula you are pursuing acting and Robin is pursuing his singing career. Paula’s acting career begins to take off, getting small parts in movies, and also modelling gigs. Paula is in position to help support her family and support Robin as he works on his music. Robin was hustling to make it. Many labels turned away on him, but he never gave up. I remember when Robin’s hair was long and wavy, sometimes he had it in a ponytail, and he would ride his 10 speed bike to the studio wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You remember Robin? You were writing, recording, making demos, singles to your first album. It wasn’t until the ears of Pharrell and Lil Wayne heard something in your style of R & B. I also remember your first tour, it wasn’t a packed house, from venue to venue drew small crowds, but what was amazing about you is that you performed as if you had packed stadiums. Remember?

I’m taking you back to remember your beginnings before you got to this position you have now. Because you’re about to ruin it!!!

Paula, your acting career took flight. Your personality, your beautiful smile drew crowds to you and your work. But, what stands out even more about you is that you would be the star in your husband’s music videos. You truly showed your support. That bond we saw in both of you stood for hope for other people.

Now, we come to both of your latest projects which both got major recognitions. You Paula, the movies ‘ Jumping the Broom ‘ and ‘ Precious ‘ made you a household name. And Robin, your song ‘ Blurred Lines’ made you into household name. Look at all you both have worked for, and the support you have given to one another is amazing. Twenty years of dedication, and taking each others crap as well, but love is the bond that surrounds both of you.

What I truly think is little by little, someone was compromising the others action. A hug here and there may seem like nothing, but for that other person it was uncomfortable. In your mind, you say, its really just a hug, don’t make a big deal, or its only a peck on the cheek, don’t make a big deal. This has been happening for a while, and you were quiet. But that hug and that peck got way too often. That extra glass of drink, and that extra cigarette lead to more extras on the video sets, more backstage, more in the hotel lobbies, and more at the after parties. The video making of Blurred Lines in reality created blurred lines for you Robin. Your fame got to the top of your head and the top of your ego. Which you knew would definitely hurt your wife, but in that box of fame you created you chose not to hear her. When she was pregnant, you were playing little games of wanting some TLC. Remember? You were there. Things she may not have been aware of due to her focus on becoming a mother.

But, you continued to do your games. You must have known Robin that you have a good woman by your side. And yet you chose to hurt her and hurt your relationship. What goes on in the dark does come out into the light and boy did it ever with Miley Cyrus.

No matter who you got to talk great things about you in the media, the facts still remain. You are a GROWN MARRIED MAN, with a young family, a wonderful supportive wife. No woman in their great mind would support such a vulgar act at the MTV Awards and play idiot. Not even Oprah could wrap her head around it either. Who are you trying to fool? Your fans? Please don’t think us for stupid. We will drop you like a hot potato and your career will be finished. A grown man, a REAL MAN would have taken responsibility for his actions instead of placing his wife in such a mix-up! You buck wilding on Miley Cyrus on stage was wrong. WRONG. An d Miley Cyrus brought her ‘ wrecking ball’ into your home and slammed it. OK!

You are sooo selfish Robin. How dare you now put your relationship out on full blast by announcing you want your wife back. You still don’t get it. Its all about YOU huh!? You don’t even care to think once that these announcements are hurting your wife and even your own child? How embarrassing for your child at school to be teased and hurt all because of your INSANE actions. Should he pay for it?

What you need to do is talk to Paula instead of the damn Media! How much EGO do you need?

Men like you are why women like us cant stand your sorry asses. Tricking, playing and lying, cheating and wagging your dicks like tails at every piece of ass walking by your eyes.

Letting you go is what you need to wake up and grow up and be a real Husband. Maybe you need to recall your marriage vows, and every promise you made to Paula and fulfil them. Maybe you need to shut up and go on a retreat and get counselling. Maybe, you need to disappear from the public eye, and handle your business privately.

Wow, its a damn shame that I had to write you an open letter for you to wake up and shut up because a marriage should not have blurred lines lingering.

Stop this nonsense and work it out properly,

Wishing you the best,



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