Dunn NO Justice!

Dunn NO Justice!

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee


If you have kids especially, you can totally relate with the parents of Jordan Davis.

I think about this verdict, another verdict of saying its OK to kill a black kid, or African American kid or how the inhumane Dunn says it : ‘ these F-ing Ass Niggers ‘ .

Dunn got off scot free in the part of killing Jordan Davis.. and I can’t understand these jurors; Floridian jurors mindsets . Are you still living in the Dark Ages?? that you can’t see that a person killing someone is wrong. Most of those Floridians claim Christianity their religion, and since you MUST read your bible, isn’t one of your 10 Commandments is ‘ Thou Shall Not Kill’ ..??? What is there to truly figure out? and Why would the judge hand you that Stand Your Ground Law to be part of deliberations? — another paid off judge?? I’m just asking.

This Stand Your Ground Law should work both ways then. Since Dunn so called stood his ground and shot the young child Jordan, then Jordan’s parents should have a right to Stand Their Ground and kill Dunn for taking away their child! RIGHT!!! They will be protecting their family in the right of it.

This is what I hope will happen with Dunn, he should get gazillion threats in and out of jail. He should not be placed in Isolation. Let the inmates have a go on him.. there’s plenty to put him in check!

It angers me to see that another one get’s off.

I look at my own child. She is the only one child I have. She’s a coloured  young teenage girl, wears her hoodies, listens to all kinds of music; she has a future, she’s top in her class and everyone adores her.

So, you out there, because of your ignorance, stupidity, hatred, racist attitude and discrimination, etc.. will look at her and consider her a threat to your life ?

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my Daddy and my Daughter.



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