Snow Brings Out The CRAZY!

Snow Brings Out The CRAZY!

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

LOL. I’m like WTF with all these different headlines on this crazy snow day. Let’s chat shall we

Ok Nicki Minaj busted out with a new single and the promotion, check it

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Ok, yes its very strong. Yes even powerful. And yes it could be mistaken for disrespect, especially to those who are quick to jump to conclusion. I always look at lyrical content with visuals, because there’s always a story behind it. There’s not a disrespect here in my opinion, its a major statement. During this time of Malcom X life, he was getting major threats and attacks from KKKs and his own Muslims who stabbed him in the back. This shot his powerful of him looking through the curtains of his window at the LOOKIN ASS NIGGA — and nigga meaning ignorant, that he has to fight. He was standing up to what he believed was truth and protecting his family at the same time. So as you can see the photo is fitting for the song Nicki Minaj produced. It is time to fight back. Stare them in the eyes and let them know you are not backing down to their ignorant nonsense. Go ahead and check the lyrics and her new video  and let me know your thoughts on it.

PS. This is not her Album Cover. Its the Single Cover!


Now Drake vs Rolling Stone

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OMG! Really. We gone go there? Alright, lets do this. Who the heck is Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman was an American actor and director. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the 2005 biographical film Capote, was nominated three times for Best Supporting Actor, and received three Tony Award nominations for his work in theatre. According to (this is written by either his publicist or management).

And that sums up his acting career as a whole. His personal life is a different story. What you see on the red carpet or award speeches is not the person backstage. Philip was a drug addict. This is what most people will remember. He was found with needles in his arm. He was surrounded by over 50 dime bags of drugs >> heroin and whatever else. Im talking straight. There is no sugar coating. Drugs are NOT a joke. Period. This is the visual picture painted by the media when the news hit the airways. He did not see his kids, he did not show up to where he needed to be. He decided to go get a hit. Every person who called him during the last hours of his life said he was ‘HIGH’.

So placing a drug addict on the cover of Rolling Stones is for what ratings? Please, half the United States didn’t even know who the heck Philip Hoffman was. Ok. To talk about him now when he’s dead will do what? Stop others from doing drugs? Does he deserve a cover now that he’s dead?  Please. If it takes a person a decision to do drugs then they have to decide to quit or not do drugs.

I am not disrespecting Mr. Hoffman nor his family. I am only pointing out the facts that were placed through the media. And looking at the nonsense of Rolling Stones.

This is about money, business and how ever else you want to define it. They think they will bring in more readers, more subscribers, more money from this cover than Drake’s cover?! hmmm Though Drake’s cover was scheduled, they bumped him off for the profile of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hmmm the game of fame.

Now, will you go out now after seeing Philips cover and buy his movies, dvds, plus all merchandise?


Bruce Jenner quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Credit: Global Grind

What a pity this is, huh? Bruce is moving on with his life. What does this mean for the Kardashians, especially Kris? the release of mental and emotional trauma? Look all I know is he just came out of maor surgery of condensing his Adam’s apple. You curious to know why, huh? Well his hair is looking a lot more fuller- sorry, healthier. We will be Keeping An Eye On Bruce. Woa, such a great title for his new show. Oops! Did I just let the cat out the bag? ouch!


Ok ya’ll stay tuned in….


Did you hear ? NLART is coming in 2014. stay locked for the deets!

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