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Grammys 2014

I purposely waited to hear and read the posts after MackleMore cowardly tweet to Kendrick Lamar. Yes, I said it. That was COWARD of him. Hands Down.

Macklemore who walked away with 4 Grammys and so called is a “Rapper” or “Lyricist” , couldn’t come up with a better way to talk to Kendrick, with better words, yet succumbs himself to Twitter, instead of face – to – face!

I have followed both Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore’s rise in the rap and hip hop world. Their flow is beautiful and strong and powerful. But, in the category of Best Rap Album, we are looking at poetic flow and lyrical content without the additives of a “Sing- J” or a feature to sing the hook. Its just pure rap flow. Macklemore did not have that. We ALL KNOW THIS!

{So did Macklemore win out of favouritism? because he’s white? or was it fairly on being the best rap album? Did his sales surpass Kendrick’s?}

So, as any REAL rap artist would have done is say” I cannot accept this award. ” and walk off stage. But to hear or rather read that Macklemore FROZE is unthinkable. What a piece of excuse.

But what is interesting and a great twist, because of Kendrick Lamar’s beastly performance, he will be called upon for more features and other major opportunities than the coward Macklemore, and that is what’s truly remarkable of this happening.

2014 is Kendrick’s Year! I look forward to hearing more from him. Stay tuned….

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