Double Take Tuesday!

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Double Take Tuesday!

Editor in Chief – Najaam Lee



The boredom of Social Media at times can be the repeat of news. Yes, we know repetition is what makes a particular news or event popularize. Yet, at times it is straight BORING.

Do we need to hear about a news or event a thousand times or more?

No need to jump on the bandwagon if 50 or 100 other news outlets or blog sites are going to chat about the same thing. I’m not with that. Sometimes, because we know other sites will post it, we here at GOSH!About won’t! Being different or standing out in the middle of Social Media is so very needed that I wish we would all take that step towards it.

Double Take today is that, not doing it like the others. Skipping it all together than joining in and being part of the puddle.


On to the next one!