Day 2 Berlin Fashion Week 2014 – SOPHISTICATION

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Day 2 Berlin Fashion Week 2014 – SOPHISTICATION

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

Ok for this new season Berlin is saying that the new trend is Sophistication. The look of regal, royalty,impressiveness, lavishness and upper class, is the look. Indeed, I must agree. The society we are living in currently is changing. We are no more looking to the future, because we are the future now, and our mind – body – spirit must align that way as well.

Well I call it the future- regal look. The colours are a rich red, and  burgundy as well as heavy black. These are the staple two colours popping up in many Berlin designers show.

Check out the following from Day 2 and leave us your comments. Which piece is your “.. to die for …” favourite?

In Day \2 highlights you will first see the many ways the colours black, white have been used.  Sophistication worn in many ways:






He designed with knits, fleece,creating thick pieces, symmetrical cuts. Colours expressed, cremes, greys, and burgany


This collection stood out to me. So elegant and sophisticated. Free flowing, connected to the plains of Mama Nature


Went tribal-savanna desert

I am so in awe in some of today’s pieces which definitely will be in a wardrobe near me .lol. I love the deep rich in colours and fibers. Selections of strong fabrics which will last a lifetime. This is quality in construction and bendable in creativity. You can wear any of these designers collections we are highlighting, to any event and to any schedule. From morning to night you will be dressed! The word Sophistication is perfect for us to follow this season.

Coming in Day 3… watch



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