OMG! – Beyonce Definitely UPGRADED The Entire Music Industry!

Beyonce after album dropped!

Beyonce after album dropped!

OMG! – Beyonce Definitely UPGRADED The Entire Music Industry!

By Najaam Lee

It’s #MoneyMonday

” Let me upgrade you!”

The earth shook Thursday at Midnight on the ‘un-announcement’ announcement of Beyonce’s fifth solo studio album, self titled ‘BEYONCE’ .

All day Friday everyone was posting, listening, going crazy over the news. The Press was tripping over their laces and in terrible shock. While, GOSH!About laid low in the cut, observing the world’s reaction.

I watched her introduction to the project, I listened to the new music, I watched the movie and the clips through the weekend. I wanted to soak into the new, grown woman that Beyonce has well matured into, and I must say, it is absolutely refreshing.

Let me break it down how she has transformed the entire Music Industry, because don’t be surprised when the many copycats will try this method and challenge Queen Bey‘s reign.

Beyonce is an artist and a genius at her craft of music. Her thought process, passion and commitment is to be applauded. She understands her fans, she understands the new ways people all over the world are taking in information, and how they learn. And she’s correct, people are more visual more than ever before. She saw an opportunity to not only be herself after premiering her HBO Movie ” Life is but a Dream“, then went on tour with the Mrs.Carter Show, fully becoming and embracing her new life as Mrs. Carter and Mother to the entire world.

Drunk in Love video clip

Drunk in Love video clip

She received many criticism on her pregnancy, her marriage, her child, her lifestyle, her singing, etc.. but she has always stood her ground, creatively telling the world to step back and get the facts straight!

Her new album idea may have sounded crazy and stupid, and the death of losing money, but the light in the center glowing strong is Beyonce. She saw ahead of the present way of doing albums, and saw a glimpse of the future. Reaching for that future is what she did, while her team blindly followed and listened to her. This is the way to do music, it is visual. We should be seeing the music virtually through movies, art, etc.. Its not just about making a video to a single. Its about making a movie to an album. That’s the story. Creating visual albums, because the fans and the artists have a greater way of expressing. So dropping an album has now returned in a mightier way. Now its about dropping a “Visual Album”- music and movie at the same time without breaking it into little pieces in order to make ” MORE MONEY”.

And to prove that what Beyonce has done works, here are some numbers:

In the first 3 hours of dropping her visual album only on ITUNES, she sold 80, 000 albums.

In just the weekend, the first 48 hours of her album on ITUNES, sold 500,000 visual albums..

THAT’s ALBUMS OKAY! Impressive. This is without any promotions or official marketing preparations. She had shut the internet down on midnight, hello.

PLUS, the album will not be available on any other outlet until December 20th. OMG!

This is why her song BOW DOWN is absolutely fitting. Yes, bow down bitches because they had no clue as to the level she is flying on. You, press, haters, who ever , cannot even fathom the level and intensity Beyonce is creatively thinking daily. She has single handedly changed the music industry that now they have no choice but to go with this new flow of making music.

Who was close at one point was Kanye West, when he tapped into it on his Runaway Movie in 2010. But he didn’t go all the way with it.

Her team has to be congratulated also, because none of them really understood the magnitude and level they were being pushed to. Yet, they totally trusted and believed in their boss’s vision and direction, and supported her all the way through. They also can hold a Top Secret! All the videos they worked on and be silent for all this time without a leak to the press is amazing. That means she has a very well trained team. Beyonce is not afraid of hard work and continues to push herself and her team.

Really check it, she did all this while on a world tour. That’s says commitment, strategic planning and mind preparation. There is no negativity to take her off the current she is riding on.

Great songs, great visuals and great fashion= the new BEYONCE album.

Congrats B!


This self titled album, BEYONCE ,  I give her ***** 5 stars.

Go cop her album here >


Watch the reel of BEYONCE new self titled album – keep watching!


Have an awesome week my GOSHERS!

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