Holiday BLUES…

holiday blues, depression, happiness, tension, family, goshabout

Holiday BLUES…

by Najaam Lee

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I wanted to discuss the holiday blues. Every year, around this supposed happy time, disaster, tragedy and unhappiness creeps in like the Grim Reaper! Would you agree?

holiday blues, woman, depression, happiness, family, tension, stress, goshabout

So much of the world are alone from the time Thanksgiving roles in, and Christmas. New Years eve and day are even worse. The whole idea of having gifts, foods, and happy families to gather with, are a fairy tale we all strive to make real. And most go in debt trying to force happiness and good-will to all.

then, January darkness is over us for another 30 days before we get a bit of light in February. So, how can we overcome this long holiday blues? What’s the best way to fight these feelings and situations?

Overcoming Holiday Blues

One of the best things to do is to NOT BE ALONE.

No matter what, you gotta be around someone. Studies show when a person eats by themselves, their food take more time to digest in the body. When you eat along side with another person (even 1), you not only enjoy your food, but the body’s digestive fire ignites faster, breaking down your food and digesting at a quicker rate.

Mentally, when alone, one tends to be “in their head” more; creating a type of inner-seclusion that can be hard to come out of. Yes, we all tend to be in our heads, but what I am discussing is the lack of human presence around you at time of the holidays, creates a more bigger impact for depression to seep in, taking over your thoughts and displaying ideas of situations that are unhealthy and can also be deadly.

Human interaction takes place not online, stimulates positive vibrations of warmth, happiness and even love. That type of human connection is not quite possible through the internet, because even though you may speak to that face to face via a screen, their physical human presence is still not there to help stimulate your own body with an impact.

This lack leads to the most amount of suicides around this holiday season.

Conversation is so important to have, and I mean genuine. People can also feel alone even if around family, friends etc during the holidays. How and why?

holiday blues, anger, couple, dinner, depression, tension, goshabout

When families come together, including “the in-laws”, it can be very stressful. Families, in all honesty, most of them are not as close, as they may make others feel. There’s a mix of ones who are close, and ones who do not get along. And when they come together, plenty of  “phoniness” goes on. Fake and pretense hurts others. Many will be sitting to themselves; small clicks form that you may see some sitting together in the living room, kitchen, den area etc.. So if there is distress beforehand it will happen even at the family gathering during the holidays.

Resentment, dislike, hurt feelings, etc are within that one who is not really welcomed in, and the family members are not interacting with him/her. Thoughts will stir, and emotions are hidden in order to not “spoil” the holiday. I call this BULLSHIT. Because family, friends, co workers, whoever it is must check their own inner hearts, come clean, forgive, move forward. And this will allow the Universe to spin in the positive direction for your life to be showered with happiness, opportunities and fulfillment.

holiday blues, family, tension, goshabout



If you are not close to some of your family, if they have hurt you in anyway, this means there is also another side. They may feel a bit hurt too or some may not even be aware of their own behaviour towards you. Be brave and open up, share your feelings, on both sides forgiveness must be given in order to receive a blessing. Saying ” I’m blessed ” when your behaviour has hurt others is not being blessed but rather conceit and egotistic.

Side note: I personally cannot stand when someone says :”I’m blessed!” or ” I’m so blessed “. Have you ever heard or read about a saint or prophet say ” I’m blessed!” ? Rather, they say “I’m a humbled servant.” or ” I’m here to help others “.  

It displays a side of boastful conceit that can turn people away from you, and it can even hurt others in a belittling way.

Kindness is the key during the holidays. It opens the heart which brings healing…


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