Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!

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Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!

by Najaam Lee

Woohoo! We got a Pope who is actually doing his job as a Pope, and yet he’s being criticized for what he’s doing. Wow, since when we disrespect a Pope?!

Also, we gotta wish the Emperor of Rap-HipHop, Mr. Jay Z Carter, a Happy Birthday!!!! Another famous Sagittarius in the industry.

Its a great day to celebrate al that you have accomplished in your life. As the year of 2013 is winding down to a close, look back on the year and list out all you have achieved and accomplished. Its amazing when you see the fruits of your labour. Big or small, they all count! I am proud of myself and I’m proud of you for not giving up and sticking to your bones of your dreams. You may have experienced many obstacles this year – or some may call them growing pains. Stuff you wished never happened, but they did, and you quickly learned so as to not do it again.  2014 will the year of 7, the ending of another cycle, so whatever you planted in 2013, will begin to push through, so tend to your garden in the final stages and also enjoy the many more seeds of opportunity that your fruits will pour into your hands 🙂 Its time to dream big and push out all the junky stuff that are no longer serving you or are keeping you from rising up.

The time is now and never before so urgent to do the things you are sooo passionate about. Don’t listen to the noise, only the sweet sounds of your art that sings to you. Life on this planet is or should be a one time thing, but so many of us come back because we still haven’t learned the lessons or completed the learning process we need to move up to the next destination.

Take steps to do it now without any rope tied to your hands or feet.

Hey Naj?! Episode 4 All Things Modeling? I Wanna Lose 5 lbs? all in HD!

In today’s episode, I answer some amazing questions for 5 ladies,

1. How do I dress for a casting at a Modeling Agency?
2. What type of photos should I carry in my portfolio?
3. What’s a simple way I can lose 5 lbs.?
4. What can I do to prevent frequent colds from coming?
5. What can I do to stop losing so much hair?


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