11 -25 = 9

11 -25 = 9

by Najaam Lee


Its a new day. Its my birthday and happy to make it another year. My magic number is nine and my year is 5. Numerology is big for me. I actually believe numbers are apart of the sacred geometry and is a sacred mathematical equation to our existence in life. Numbers and calculations is needed to create anything in or out of this world.

Hey Naj, What’s Numerology?

Ok, “study of the occult meaning of numbers,” ;
the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one’s birth, to determine their supposed influence on one’s life, future, etc.

So, to explain my year number, which is my number for the new age I’ve turned,



The 5 vibration creates turning points and freedom from restrictions imposed during the 4 Personal Year.
During the 5 Personal Year, positive opportunities may present themselves on all fronts. Many of the obstacles from previous years seem to have slipped away, and your hard work is rewarded with more personal freedom and a break from restrictive routines. There is always some kind of positive pay off for you by the year’s end.
Travel for pleasure, adventure or additional education might be part of the overall picture this year.
There can be movement and necessary changes both within the person and outside influences.   It is a time when new projects can be undertaken and new interests are likely to come into your life.
This year is also good for pursuing new employment opportunities or making new friends.  You could also change residence.  A drawback of this year is that it can make you feel like not working much or bring a tendency to shirk responsibility.
The 5 Personal Year is one of  ‘never a dull moment’, and will move along very quickly.  Pay attention to details, especially when driving.
Things are often not what they seem during a 5 year.
This year has a strong bearing on your future and it is a year of progress and growth.  It demands that you be alert and up to the minute as to what is going on in your world.  As the year opens you will sense, subconsciously, that new conditions are waiting for you to take advantage of.  They may appear as changes, even ups and downs, or unexpected, which may come up from time to time.
Changes of environment, new relationships, new contracts, new plans, more freedom, more variety and enterprise colour your affairs.  They may not be drastic or difficult, just a freshening of interest, even taking you into the public, travel, or group activity.
You may find you are restless, wishing for more social activity and new outlets for your energies.  You are asked to take advantage of the changes and the greater freedom and progress.
There will be a strong feeling of ‘don’t fence me in’.  You may begin something, which will carry on through the year, even into the future, and you could be rewarded for past efforts.  This year, if lived right, can be a marvellous year.  The changes, even if unexpected, can be thrilling and exciting.  In the end you will be satisfied with what you have accomplished, and pleased about the changes.
This year promises rewards and progress from what you developed the previous four years. Often opportunities come your way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, and may bring some risks, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted..


People with 9 as their Inner-Self or Karmic Number seem to be non-judgemental and open-minded individuals who are happy to accept everyone whom they meet as their equal.  They appear to love everyone and have a great deal of compassion and tenderness towards their fellow human beings.  They appear to have many creative talents and unique abilities.

People with the number 9 as their Inner Self or Karmic Number seem to be determined to live their lives as they chose.

They appear to be emotional and understanding individuals who enjoy the company of others and always have time to talk and listen.

9 Inner Self people are popular and regarded as good friends.



I am going to enjoy my day and plan out my new year. Its going to be amazing, and give a new perspective to my life.

I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving too.. eat and be merry!

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