Banging Past Age 60!

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Banging Past Age 60!

by Najaam Lee

#SelebrateNajART 2014…


Kicking off our week, the well-inspired genius who has inspired so many generations from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and beyond… Some have even stole blatantly from this mega-star and claim as their own. Won’t name names – Gaga– but we know who they are. She is definitely the tree of life with genes to die for and a body so tight — its a killa. Who is this artist?

Grace Jones

Banging past 60 , is still going strong. making appearances and performances all over Europe and the far east. Only certain areas of America have embraced her sadly, such as New York and California. Yes she’s abstract, outrageous, controversial and exotic. She’s Jamaican, what would you expect! GOSH!

The question is how does she do it? How does she keep that figure banging past 60? She is the only woman I’ve seen that can hoo-la-hoop and sing an entire song ” Slave To The Rhythm” and across the stage without dropping it- HELLO! Don’t believe me? Watch!

Her style is ONE. There is no other like it. She doesn’t repeat, her garments are designed strategically just for her. And she doesn’t buy to be part of the trend or to what’s in.

Grace Jones is fearless. Strong and about seeing her vision through. She is a fighter and not allowing anyone or anything stop her from reaching her goal. That’s EMPOWERING!

In such a world where the colour of your skin yells Racism, especially here in America, we see through the life of Grace Jones, her persona and talent extends and touches hearts of every nation than her deep delicious cocoa skin. Something we can embrace in the US.


The secret to banging past 60 is to enjoy your life and have FUN!

Have fun this week 😉

banging past 60, grace jones


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