Keep Pushing For A Cure – Breast Cancer

Keep Pushing For A CureBreast Cancer

by Najaam Lee

Divas For The CURE!

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Ms. Najaam Lee/ Divas For The Cure/GOSH!About

OMG! Ladies ( and my Gents 🙂 ) We Did It!!! The whole month of October dedicated to bringing awareness to Breast Cancer, and I think we did a damn good job ya’ll !!

If you have been following all articles this month from GOSH!About and my ladies on the Divas For The CURE team, then you know we busted the internet circuit with all our I am so happy that we put the time in just for this important cause.

Look, breast cancer isn’t easy; and we gotta put more into finding a cure that really works and that every household can afford. Many health insurance do not cover the cost of Mammograms, and many do not cover the cost of treatment. Not everyone can slap down $50, 000. in one take. So I’m serious when I say, they ( science-research) must do more and stop bringing Politics into someone’s chance at life. You get me?

You know, I have Sickle Cell Anemia, another major disease with NO CURE; and both patients of cancer and sickle cell meet together and even may have the same doctors in hematology – oncology. We are both getting similar medicines, and at times we are roommates when staying over night at the hospital. What we go through can be similar but may be treated differently, but one thing I do know, we want to live as long as we can, without being given a death sentence. We have families that depend on us and we enjoy the careers we have created. We want to enjoy growing older and seeing our kids graduate High School and College, and even see them get married and have children of their own. We want to be here.

So, I write and send this message to all “Corporations and pharmaceuticals” – STOP THE POLITICS and put your resources to properly finding The CURE!

Before I end this fabulous month, I got one more thing for ya’ll, My ladies at Lapazimageing did another video for you ladies on how to get the J-LO look. Now, Ms. Lopez got a face that is amazing for 40 ++ , and in this video Denise shows you how to do the look and she also does the makeup on a Breast Cancer Survivor.

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Credit: Jennifer Lopez

Thank you so much for supporting GOSH!About this month for this amazing cause and I hope you join us next year when we take it up a new level.

Love and light,


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