The More You Research…

The More You Research…

by Najaam Lee

Divas For The CURE!

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When you’re given a diagnosis, such as Breast Cancer, one of the first emotions to step forward is shock. A feeling of how, why, and the why me emotions play major. Uncontrollable anxiety, fear and then a bit of dumbness slide in as well. Then, what can happen is the progression into depression. Many patients with Breast Cancer can stay in this area for a short time or a very long time.

These type of symptoms can create a rapid down fall if not quickly interceded with a plan of action and massive support.

One of the best ways to get out of this downward spiral, is to gain knowledge of exactly what you are diagnosed with. And not just accept what is given first hand. Go and research. Take that step and inform yourself. The more you know the more you can do! < repeat this 10 times!

When you research on your diagnosis, it is like creating a full armor upon yourself. You are equipped to fight this.

Also, get a second or third opinion from different doctors or different cancer centers.

Once your diagnosis is solidly confirmed, research the best direction to take and also take loads of notes and ask loads of questions. Develop a plan of action together with your doctors, that everyone all around feel great about.

The more you research about what you have, the more you can do to change it, heal it or balance it.

Don’t give up!


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