B IN C – She Decides To Live Without YOU! Watch here …

B IN C – She Decides To Live Without YOU! Watch here …

by Najaam Lee

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B IN C – She Decides To Live Without YOU!

Info Behind B IN C…

B IN C means Breast In Cancer with a blood type B in the Cancer zone.

I wanted to really understand what the phrase Breast Cancer really means and after researching on it from a traditional medical view and a Ayurveda view, I came to understand what’s truly happening.

Breast in cancer, is like looking at a pool. That pool is cancer. It looks beautiful from the outside, that pretty blue reflecting in the sun. But, when you dive in the water is very murky underneath. Vision is blurred as well as sound.

The breast are in the pool taking in all this cancerous cells through her pores, veins and now blood stream traveling into unknown areas of the breast.

Now the question would come, why did she dive into that pool? Why didn’t she check first? why didn’t she test the levels of the water ? and sooo many other questions..

The stress increases and her oxygen decreases creating a type of volcanic eruption to happen inside her… creating a more terminal diagnosis than what she wanted. The pain is too much and a decision must be made. Should she keep her breast or should she cut them off?

What should she do?


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