Hats ON For Breast Cancer!

Hats ON For Breast Cancer!

by Najaam Lee

Divas For The CURE!

Hey Goshers we are in our 3 week of Breast Cancer Awareness and going strong. I am so proud of my team- Divas For The CURE- for getting articles, postings, photos and tweets to the world. We really pushing, so I invite you my Goshers to push along with us. All you have to do is Retweet #PinkUnitesUsAll

Going through Chemo is a very tough cookie to swallow. Its a major decision and a major process, because part of going through Chemo is losing all the hair from your body. You are losing eyebrows, eyelashes, your beautiful locks, etc… The cool part is of course not having to shave your legs or armpits. We can smile to that part ūüôā

The other side affects is throwing up basically everything you eat. Its quite hard keep food down, and just feel so awful in the mornings, afternoons and evenings at times. Feeling exhausted, weak and lifeless can be some of these side affects. So before the day starts or ends, you can feel and look like crap. I got a solution and its fun!

Fashionable HATS!

Wearing a hat can actually make you look quite the fashionista without even trying. Yea! You can wear a hat in bed ladies or anywhere you are in your house. You can wear your hat out to your appointments or doing simple daily errands, and more. You can wear your hat out to a special event or for dinner. No rule that you have to remove your hat that’s for sure. Check out some of these amazing styles of hats that you can basically get anywhere.

Ciara, breast cancer, white hat, hat, sergio rossi, acne dion lee,

Ciara/ acne dion lee/ Sergio rossi.

pfw, spring, fashion, hat, breast cancer

PFW Spring 2014

dsquared, fashion, hat, spring 2014, breast cancer,

DSquared Spring 2014 pink hat


tibi, designer, amy smilovic, breast cancer, hat, fashion

Tibi- designer Amy Smilovic Popsicle Stick Hat


anya caliendo, hat, pink, fashion week, breast cancer,

Getty Image/ Anya Caliendo Spring 2014. Photo Fernanda Calfat

fashion, caramode, blogspot, breast cancer, fashion, hat

credit: Caramode.Blogspot.com
Spring 2014

badgley mischka, hat, fashion, spring, rtw 2014, hat, breast cancer,

Badgley Mischka RTW Spring 2014

Go order or buy your hat or hats today. Chemo or No Chemo you can still look and feel stylish.


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