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Zenberry Mix

OMG! I am so happy and thrilled to be reviewing Zenberry products. Thanks to Tarrah Grant, of Tarrah Grant Publicity,  for introducing them to me. I was very sick over a week ago and needed to build up my immune system and restore energy and healing back into my body. I was weak, tired and having serious insomnia. I know for many of you who go through chemo therapy, for breast cancer or any other cancer, your body too can get depleted, weak and fatigued.

I want to introduce to you Emma and Shane, the creators of Zenberry, . They are a start-up company with a dream to transform the health of their fellow Americans by bringing to the world the highest quality and most potent ingredients in an easy to digest and delicious formula. Whether you are 5 years old or 95 years old, sick or healthy, Zenberry is for everyone.



I am trying two of their products this week, Zenberry Blue and Zenberry Green and I will go in-depth  on each one in my next post. But after having my first glass, I feel so much better already and revitalized. I’m implementing a lot of changes into my life and getting better ingredients added to my diet is one of them. A little more research is advantageous in healing your body. You may think you know something, but there is always a better way and its up to you to find it.

I can’t wait to share more of Zenberry with you!

As we continue this journey, we will get deeper into understanding how food is the best medicine. Stay tuned…

(Please note, I'm not a doctor. Im a Ayurveda practitioner, and am only sharing what I used, working for me, and giving some suggestions that you can further research on)
We continue the journey… Divas For The Cure

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