Heart. Love. Breast Cancer!

Heart. Love. Breast Cancer

by Najaam Lee
Divas For The Cure!

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We are kicking the week off with Part 2 of What Are You Afraid Of? If you missed this part, click here now to read it first, in order to understand today’s article.

In the last post, we spoke on understanding how did your cancer come into affect in the body; basically what is the root cause or the seed that was planted and developed into this living beast.

Breast Cancer, and I will be speaking from the basis of Ayurveda ( a 5000 plus Indian holistic system; the knowledge/or science of life), can come to ones body or is developed in ones body from the following mental and emotional factors:

This type of cancer resides in the 4th Chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra. When an imbalance affects this particular part of the body, its a signal of a tremendous amounts of emotional pain, such as

  • a lack in receiving love
  • mental abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • an abusive relationship
  • high amounts of stress
  • an abusive family or parent(s)
  • self doubt
  • low self-esteem
  • fearful
  • lack of confidence
  • extreme hardship
  • a harden heart/ unable to show love or give love to self/blocking
  • trouble expressing how one truly feels
  • holding onto issues/non-expression

The constant cycle of these emotions and pains stir from childhood, as well as from adulthood. Unforgiving and not releasing these sets of tragedies, emotions or situations, will linger within the area of the body mostly affected by these. Therefore, breast cancer can be planted within the body.

Taking note of these situations that may have occurred in ones life is very important to look at and filter through and heal immediately.

How Do I Begin?

I think one of the greatest ways to begin is by pen and paper. Yes, writing in a journal daily. Taking from what’s inside and placing it on paper, is like a type of spiritual surgery of going in and cutting out all that’s causing you pain and putting it on the paper.

Another, is to have sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Speaking it out loud, a type of releasing and getting the gunk out! Speech is important in this type of healing. And to be heard is essential, for your feelings are important.

Write and recite your poetry. Stand in front of the mirror, daily, and speak your poetry out-loud.

Another technique which I do with my clients for inner healing, and I love this service we offer here at Vedic Image, is called Visual-Meditation. For this article, you can do a visual-meditation by imagining seeing yourself removing one tumor at a time by surrounding it with a very bright blue-white light that penetrates the tumor until it vanishes completely. There are few more steps involved, but basically its placing you in power and control of your life and in the healing process.

Another is daily mantras. In order for this to work, you first must acknowledge what is happening in your body and taking responsibility for all that has happened to your body. Remember this is your temple, you have to care for it daily. When you do this, then your Mantras can work very powerfully because the walls within have come down.

Here’s one you can do that is great to begin, ” OM – RAM – SHREEM – RAM – OM “. Do this every morning and evening, repeating 3 x first week, 7x second week, 9x third week, 11x fourth week.

In summary, I believe we live on a beautiful Earth that has a cure for everything. Whether its a permanent cure or a daily cure implemented, its possible to heal yourself, because we were not brought here to suffer relentlessly without relief. For every ailment, there’s a plant to heal it.

In part 3, we will learn how food is our best medicine! Stay locked on GOSH!About.



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