What Are You Afraid OF?

What Are You Afraid OF?

by Najaam Lee
Divas For The Cure!

The fear of what the results may be and how do you move forward?

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Its is a frightening thought to be told in an office of 4 walls, a simple desk between you and the doctor and a manila folder on the center of the desk facing you and facing the doctor, and space and silence is sucking the very breath you are trying to take in while sitting still and pretending to be calm.

what is the doctor going to say?

You begin to read every single movement, gesture, smile or half-smile, every eye movement. And still nothing vocal is said.

Do you just be brave and confident and ask the doctor the most important question or do you wait for he/she to tell you?

Removing The FEAR Factor!

One thing I want to share with you is knowing what’s happening with you gives you control. Hands down!

You gotta know in order to make a plan of action. When you stay in the dark or the unknown, you give your power away, and trust me someone else or something else will be happy to take your power and control your life!

It’s like diving into the deep end of the pool. You have to jump in to the water and once you do it, your body and instincts brings you back up to surface.

Stepping up and walking through the door you are taking control of your life. Know what’s going on and then take the necessary steps to treat, or cure your body the best way for your body type.

In Ayurveda, we look at understanding why the body took on the illness/ or disease. This is all about the mind or mental part of the person. There is a root or a seed as to why a person takes on a dis-ease. You must take responsibility first that your life decisions placed you on the path you are on.

This bit of information is very hard for many people to see and understand.  Most think that diseases or illnesses just perhaps happen out of nowhere. But this is False! No dis-ease just so happen to jump into a person. Its a process over time and many life situations plus thoughts and emotions create a disease.

Some dis-ease are even Karmic or Pre-chosen. Its taken on before one enters the physical realms. For example, my dis-ease, Sickle Cell Anemia(SS), I was diagnosed at the age of 16-months old. Its what I believe a pre-chosen path that I took before coming into being. Its a life experience.

But you do not have to listen or believe this, search out for yourself. Why do you have a dis-ease?

One thing I do know, is understanding that the mind, and mind-set are very important parts to understanding how a dis-ease takes onto a body. You must go back to the beginning, retrace your steps and seek out all the points or clues to discovering when the seed of dis-ease was planted, why and how?

Once you research and discover it, then we will move on to the next step….

What To Do With This KNOWLEDGE?, the next part to continue….

We continue the journey… Divas For The Cure

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