Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season…

Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season


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Hey Goshers!

Yes! I so know.. Fashion Week is like ” Gone with the Wind! ” and child, I am so over it. Look, for all coverage since Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has taken over a new position when it comes to talk, share, spread..you can now go on their YOUTUBE page and also their MAIN website and get all the videos and all the photos. Copy and Paste is so easy with them now that we as journalists/ bloggers don’t even have to come and see the shows.

Here’s the 411-:

A lot of Bloggers and some top bloggers of the fashion world game chose this season NOT to come to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Why didn’t they? Well to be real honest or rather very clear, Fashion Week in NYC has watered down, dwindled or spread way too thin that holes are popping everywhere.

I’m going to be blunt then explain it.

MBFW took away most of our paying assignments and/or positions. Yes!

Now, let me explain.

What’s a fashion bloggers or fashion writers job during fashion week? To attend, watch, interview, capture the moment and translate for the masses ( the consumers) to be excited and BUY! Yes, our job is to share with you, the audience, the latest trends and fashion directions, talk about the new colour to buy, the best new way to wear makeup or style your hair or the newest way to wear a blouse or pants. And tell you what are the newest and best makeup and hair products to purchase each season. This is a major part of what we do. So when we cough out major money to renew our details, receive invitations to designer shows and their after-parties, map out a Fashion Week Wardrobe— yes, we plan our looks weeks ahead of schedule, gather our shooting partners, book hotels and transportation, and EAT, plus dragging our assistants with us– COST for crying out loud!

So when Mercedes Benz get annoying and cruel ideas of ” oh, this season lets do this… Lets place all the shows online so the ENTIRE WORLD can now attend from the comfort of their home… and …. wait for it… OMG! Let’s capture all the backstage madness with designers, models, hair and makeup.. and show viewers at home! Oh wow this is going to be sooo lovely..”

I can just puke!

So, MB are selling tickets for anyone to purchase (and I mean anyone!); for media, press and the like, we have to renew our details; yet, mind you, MB have their very own photographers and videographers to capture the shows, and so think about it. If everyone around the world is attending the shows online- for free- why buy a ticket? You are actually getting better footage than if you were here live.

Now the real question, if everything is being shown online, such as the shows, all the photos and videos, then how do bloggers/writers make money? How do image consultants and stylists make money? and how, do the designers make money?

Remember, Fashion Week is a factory. Everyone has a position, but if you have people doing their position and now doing another person’s positions too , what happens?

Right! people are losing their jobs.

The exclusivity that fashion week once had is gone. It was a pleasure earning your stripes and being accepted into this secret world of fashion. Just to stand at a show was like achieving something. And then, when you get a seat and invited to come backstage to meet the designer up close and personal was like meeting Jesus or God or Sekhmet. It was well earned and it was an honour. Fashion is Art. Art is Fashion.

That recognition is no longer. This season you have mothers and their babes kids in the seats, kicking chairs and snacking on chips! You have no name teenagers who should be in school sitting in front row and haven’t even lift a finger for fashion. You have ones posing to be somebody, and others just posing.

Clearly I’m upset!

This is why a lot of Bloggers and writers chose not to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York this season. Saved their money and checked out some fascinating places.

For me this season, I was just so over it. Nothing new, it was boring. Had enough, sad to say it but it’s true.

Bye, bye Mercedes…

to be continued…

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