VMA Wrap Up and Nasty Miley CYRUS!

VMA Wrap Up and Nasty Miley CYRUS!


So unexpectedly I was in NYC and went to some VMA Parties and my partners company went and covered the VMA Show. Well I must tell you that I was extremely happy to meet many fellow artists and entreprenuers but I was HELL-OVER disgusted by Miley Cyrus performance. I think pretty much the whole world was. You may think, Najaam aren’t you a little much on her… and I must say NO, and I will explain why as we go further. Question: How old is Miley? and Where is her regards to her younger fans—- umm 5 years old and up???? Yeah, thought so, no one remembers her very young female fans huh!!!???

Let’s begin shall we.

So Friday Night I attended Swizz Beats and Teyana Taylor‘s VMA Pre Show Party in Brooklyn, then I went over to Timberland’s and Jennifer Hudson Pre Show Party. Talk about crowded. I will let the photos below speak for them selves. Many celebs came out and supported, such as Felicia Pearson, Elle Varner, Alicia Keys, Rashidah Ali and Junior Reid. So Swizzbeatz spinned most of the night and he did a wonderful job, Junior Reid came on with some old reggae hits and supported Swizz in the show. The room got so backed and then Elle Varner busted out wild with her twerking and wining to some hot reggae music, I caught a photo of her enjoying herself. The girl can move! After this event, we went to Tim’s event and OMG that VIP rooftop was soo packed that I wasn’t even breathing right! Hell people were drunk out their minds, lol! Anyhoo, what was real nice was JT( Justin Timberlake) coming up on the mic and singing for us.. amazing chops! The music was bumping right and I was definitely in my groove. hahaha

Ok let the photos speak on the night.


vma, vedic image group, najaam lee,

junior reid, vma, party, swizzbeatz, najaam lee

credit: VIG/ Junior Reid and Najaam Lee

elle varner, najaam lee, vma, party, swizzbeatz

elle varner, najaam lee, vedic image group

credit: VIG/Elle Varner and Najaam Lee

felicia pearson, the wire, vma, party, najaam lee,

credit: VIG/ Felicia Pearson with Najaam Lee

rashidah ali, vh1 love and hiphop new york, nyc, vma, party,  najaam lee, vedic image group

credit: VIG/ Rashidah Ali with Najaam Lee

najaam lee, vma, party, vedic image group,

credit: VIG/ Najaam Lee


So onto the next event … stay locked on GOSH!About

Into Nasty Miley Cyrus

Straight up a disgrace. I’m put out!!!! What kind of performance was that? First no routine, no rhythm, no technique.

In Jamaica, we call her a ” SKET-TELLE ” which in other words ” A HOE or a Slut or Trailer Trash” .. select the term you want to, This has nothing to do with ” young people” doing new things or ” reinventing themselves”. This show is watched by young kids all over the world. If this was going to be X-Rated .. please place a sign on the TV screen so we know not have children watch it!!!! Not even her fellow artists could stomach her porn-crap. It was embarrassing and MTV has definitely gone down the gutter!!! I so understand why Kevin Hart said ” I’m not hosting the VMA’s this year” .. YES why would anyone claim they had this show. It was the worst piece of entertainment ever. The only sad part yet Im proud of him was JT’s performance who should what showmanship was .. and why he deserved the MJ Award. Miley Cyrus will NEVER attain to that type of artistry with the path she is on.

Overall, the parties were better than the main event! hands down. And I think next year, Vedic Image Group and my crew will only deal with the before and after parties and skip the main event.

Til next year ya’ll, stay fab and keep us locked on any juicy topics!

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