It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!

It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!

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It is the most jam packed time of the year, when the phones and requests ring off the hook. Its Wedding Season ya’ll. Every bride and their mama are looking for makeup artists, hair stylists to make their due last a lifetime. Makeup trials are scheduled on top of one another and every bride wants you on her day, even when 2 or 3 other weddings are happening the same day at the same time. YIKES!!!! So what to do? Call on Vedic Image Group, because when its crazy we are the calmest. Our hearts beat at such a lower rate in order to make magic happen. lol.. as some may say ” Vedic Magic”.
honeymoon, services, wedding, bride, groom, vedic image group

But here’s the kicker.

Every bride is sooooo focused on the wedding, that the Honeymoon is at a lost. What really happens is that all the rage of fitting into the dress, walking down the aisle, remembering the vows and what to serve at the reception take precedent of course, but the honeymoon is kinda the back burner, belly flop time. Like, forget sexy, its time to shed a load off!!! hahaha Am I right?

The Honeymoon is a special time of you, the bride and your new king, the husband. It should be the most magical time in both of your lives. This moment of coming together as one and starting practically your very first day as husband and wife together. So preparing for this moment should be done with much expected care as one does for the wedding. Most times, ideas are kind of lacking in this area and its not as special. The most memories are just the wedding.

At Vedic Image Group, we take pride in creating a special memory for a bride and groom’s honeymoon. Its begins with fashion- the outfits. First, what to wear after the reception to the honeymoon. That is an important piece. You gotta now truly dress for your man cause now, its official. This transition piece, in my book, COUNTS! We put together a honeymoon wardrobe for the bride and groom, no matter where they are travelling, we put together a romantic and practical honeymoon wardrobe with some ideas for couple activities. Let the games begin!

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Okay, so I can’t give away all our secrets, but if you are getting married soon, you should book a honeymoon consultation with us. It’s all in the imagination and knowing how to put it together.

I mean, gosh, this is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, so why not go all out for your honeymoon, such as trying every position in the Kama Sutra Book? and changing your outfits like 2, 3 or 4 times each day.  Its putting in major looks to impact your new life together. Your new husband can’t help but smile ear to ear, knowing he gets something new to take off several times a day! Hello!

Book a consultation today to have the honeymoon of your life!


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