Money Monday: Restaurant Review/ Lady Gaga Launch!


Money Monday: Restaurant Review/ Lady Gaga Launch!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Let’s get into it because we have much to cover. This weekend, your girl went out to see The Butler, which was amazing! go here to check out my review on the movie.

So before going to see The Butler, I  went to eat at a restaurant called WICKED. And it was not as wicked as I thought it would be. Like I thought they would have killed it on the food. But the food was disgusting!!!


I was so disappointed in their service and the lack of hospitality. I didn’t eat all day and wanted to try out a new restaurant in the Legacy Place, which the theatre was also located there. You would have thought, no biggy, we can make you a new fresh plate. They basically lost my business and any recommendations I would give their restaurant. Their drinks! Well my dad ordered a brandy on the rocks with ginger. But, he got nothing but Ginger Ale instead of a proper mix of both— hello!!!! A bartender there obviously had no type of training much less skills to make a simple drink!

So my overall rating for Wicked restaurant and wine bar in Dedham, MA @ Legacy Place is 2 stars **  out of 5 stars.

If you have been to Wicked and have had similar or better experience, let us know below.



By Lady Gaga

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credit: Vmagazine LG

Today is the day to APPLAUSE!!! This anticipated music video is so the wait from what everyone is saying. That I am jumping up and down in my chair as if I’m 5 years old again…lol… Is this too much for 1 video? Am I hoping for a WORLD CHANGE with this video?

I don’t know, but I am expecting a lot from Gaga for this highly anticipated album. I do hope she and my girl, Laurieann Gibson, ex-choreographer to LG, which in 2011 had cut ways because things got ” too dark and heavy”, are friends again, in some way. We all know how tough and amazing of a dancer/choreographer/director and dreamer- Laurieann is. So, much is expected from Gaga now that she is no longer with Gibson. As we say it here, ” … It better be GOOD!”.

Check out the lyrical performance of Applause here.


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