Just Fab Kimora Lee Simmons got Just FIRED! ???

Just Fab Kimora Lee Simmons got Just FIRED! ???


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credit: Kimora Lee Simmons. globalgrind.com

So, as you can see from the title, Kimora Lee Simmons, fashion model, grip is slipping and slipping fast. This buzz of her being oust out of JustFab/ JustFabulous online shoe empire has been going on for the past 6 months or so, but with Kimora, you are dealing with a major web. So let’s get into it and touch on some inside scoop that my trusted sources have brought. Is she really out?

Since the close of Baby Phat, let me get into a bit of history first.

Baby Phat has always been under the umbrella of Russell SimmonsPhat Farm, which Baby Phat was to be a female version of the mens line. So, Russell Simmons owned Baby Phat. He brought at the time, his wife, Kimora Lee, on as a Creative Director. He placed a well experienced team around her, who we got to know through her reality show, Life In The Fab Lane, which aired on Style Network. It was a huge success. And, from my perspective, it got to Kimora’s head hard! The success of Baby Phat also brought the marriage of her and Russ , down to the ground.

Kimora filed for divorce back in March of 2008, and until recently finally signed the papers this year to make it final. Why did she wait so long to finalize? Was there regret? is she still in love with Russell?  Who Knows!!!You know, we really don’t realize the treasure we have until its gone or taken from you.

When Baby Phat was to end she promised her team new positions. This team was her family and was the force to the success of her  brand Baby Phat and her name Kimora Lee Simmons. Well, according to my sources, Kimora never gave any of her team a severance package. They were dropped from her tower without a safety net! Only a couple got positions at Phat Farm and the rest had to basically start their life over.

Since the end of Baby Phat, Kimora went onto developing a skin care line which flopped. She tried to build up KLS which was not as successful. So the opportunity came in 2011 from Los Angelos by JustFab. She was brought on to be Creative Director and President. She was to bring in a new fresh take on the shoe company and take it up to several notches, based on the 20 plus years experience she’s had in fashion and retail. Their competition is Shoe Dazzle, and with Rachel Zoe on board as Chief Stylist, a major competition has taken place that its a fight to be on top — and in my opinion, Shoe Dazzle-Zoe is winning!

In the beginning everyone was excited to have Miss Lee on board. Her first few pieces in jewelry design  and hand bags were excellent. But as time went on. Just Fab got Just Ridiculous. The selections were poor and very cheap looking. They brought on YouTube Guru‘s which, in my opinion, was a disaster. JustFab got Just Cluttered with too much and what was missing was the true essence they had before Kimora. Kimora became Top Model of JustFab instead of Top Creative Director. She’s bringing Baby Phat into an established company. According to my sources, JustFab is Just Tired of the anticks, the massive demands and the lack in return to their bottom line, which Kimora was brought on to turn around and bring that glam to the fab.

Bottom line, Kimora’s not doing her job. Either she’s bored or she doesn’t know what she’s doing or has an inexperienced team around her?!

So the spiral web begins in this hush hush realm of Kimora and JustFab.

Can they really get her out or is this going to be a brutal battle that they wished they never signed that contract with her? hmmmm

We all want to know what’s really going on. Spill the truth for the record!




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