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Today, Lady Gaga peaked my interest in this new performance art video she did with famed performance artist, Marina Abramovic.

Marina recently appeared in Jay Z‘s new performance video called Picasso.

I’m telling you alot of unions are happening with the music world and the art world, and its about time. For too long its been a veil of separation.

So today Lady Gaga took part in a art experiment called the Abramovic Method, which is basically a sound vibration duration that connects the person to the universal world or spiritual world creating some type of release, connection and embracing of one another. This vibration awakens the nervous system in the body, the chakras, and the mind.

Marina is opening an institute in connecting artists of all kind and introducing her method and other studies and research she is actively producing. This place is called , Marina Abramovic Institute located in Hudson, New York.  They are on Kickstarter to raise money for the building of this institute and its community. Click here

Watch the video with Lady Gaga below


Watch Marina discuss about this amazing life project





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