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Today’s topic is about missing Lee. I miss him. I miss the great creative energy of Lee McQueen, Alexander McQueen. When a brilliant creative energy leaves so drastically from this earth plane, a particular void can be felt from time to time, and I’m feeling it now, once again. I watched a recent BBC Documentary about the late designer and I couldn’t even finished it. It brought a sadness over me that was hard to shake off, so I stopped the tape.

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credit: Alexander McQueen/BING

His love for birds is like me. The freedom of a bird; how it spreads its wings and surfs the waves of the wind in the sky, or the heavens so freely and beautifully; reaching heights that us can only imagine to do. I guess we are all reaching for that height of freedom too, in our own way. (note to self: rock a feather today)

McQueen’s spirit is free yet his energy is still creating magnificent clothes. It’s a beautiful thing for ones spirit to spread so far and abundantly still touching lives.

The McQueen Pre-Fall 2013 collection is bringing us into the country side of Britain in a old yet modern period with a mix of religion and freedom in a dark yet lighted way…

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credit McQueen.com/ BING

alexander-mcqueen-pre-autumn-fall-2013-5 (2) alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-03_110137540033 alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-08_110141990193 alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-15_110146925826 alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-21_110150214276 alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-22_110151653601

photo credits courtesy of Alexander McQueen.com, BING
Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

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