My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!

My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!



Hey its My Friday BEEF! Let’s get straight into it.

I am so appalled by the verdict of Zimmermann being NOT GUILTY for MURDERING an innocent boy- Trayvon Martin.

He basically got away with Murder. I somehow knew within that in America here they would let him walk, because they don’t value a person’s life, especially children who are of Afrikaan Decent.

This country has no morals or values and lack of “justice” in the Justice System is to be laughed at! — in my opinion. Why should we call any type of law-enforcement if they will not enforce the law. I guess it is true that Amertica is the opposite of its slogan ” liberty and justice for ALL “. Why should we fight for a country who in plain face will not fight for its people in TOTAL or even fight for equality.

I think about my child, who loves the hoodie fashion, but because of the skin colour, I fear for the life we have while living in this country.

Racism still exists. No matter how many band aids you want to place over it, it still exists.

I experience racism more in this American country than any other country I have traveled to. It makes me think how dumb the whole notion of racism is especially that we all carry some bit of other cultures within the very blood that flows in every persons body.

America “dumb” when it comes to racism!

That’s my Friday BEEF! What do you think of the verdict? what do you think of the jurors response to the verdict they gave? What do you think will happen to Zimmermann in the near future? Tell me your thoughts down below  in the comment box.


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