The Love Of My Life Is……..

The Love Of My Life Is……..


Yes ladies and gents, a special someone has snatched my little  fashion heart up! That’s right.

I know you are wondering.. who could this be. LOL I am dancing in my pants. hahahah

So, before I let the cat out of the bag, here are some cool announcements which you will find very interesting and helpful.

The weather has been a crazy with massive heat waves coming through. While at the pool yesterday morning, even though I was sitting under a huge umbrella

and sipping on bottled water, I was seriously in a deep sleep that was not really healthy to succumb to. That feeling of lethargic was not cute nor pretty!

Please my Goshers, be careful in this crazy heat wave anywhere you are in the world. Be cute and healthy NOT dead! Okay?

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Now onto today’s Love 🙂 So I’m in love ya’ll. This man has swepted me off my feet. For real! Like his latest collection together gave me such a sexual high that lasted days!

And I’m still in a daze.

Who’s this man? this love of mine?

Jean Paul Gauthier

jean paul gaultier, jpg, 2013, 2014, fashion, designer, love of my life,


OMG! Just saying his name gives me an orgasm. Jean Paul Gaultier.


What does a woman have to do to get such pleasure, fall in love with a Designer.

But, he’s not just any designer. He is Couture. One of a kind pieces. Never the same. To have such a presence beside you will

have you running for that Freakum Dress … hello.

So, did you see his Fall-Winter Couture Collection for 2013-2014?

No worries, I got you covered. Watch the show below. I swear he was thinking of me for this collection. He definitely loves my hairstyle 😉






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