Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Catch Onto The RAINBOW!


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So this morning I came across this super fashion trend that many celebrities, especially musicians are doing. Can you guess what that trend is?

CHALK! Yes the hair style trend is chalk hair. Its such an easy and fun way of colouring your hair without all the chemicals and stains and ACCIDENTS that can happen. If you’ve dyed your hair before, leaving it in too long can create a colour you will regret for the next several months! YUCK.

With this chalk trend, which has been around for years, is simple to do and gives you an instant new look which can uplift your look in a glamorous way.

check out some cool photos below, and get inspired to try a new colour … why not a bright one such as orange, yellow, aqua blue or bright green.

hmmmm …., I may try it on myself too.. what do you think? which colour? tell me your thoughts below. I need FEEDBACK! lol

Okay here we go:

chalk, hair, new, hair, style, trend

credit: Live Love Aloha Hair,

chalk, hair, style, trend, fashion, new,

credit: via Pinterest

credit: Love It So Much, via Pinterest

credit: Love It So Much, via Pinterest

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Here are some starting tips to chalk your hair:

Go to the craft store and buy a set of soft pastels chalk. You will need a bottle of water, gloves (if you want), an old t-shirt to wear or a big towel, and a flat or curling iron.

Spray some water on the section of hair you will dye. You don’t have to wet the whole area, only the part you want colored.

Now select the colours you want to use.. for example if you are doing blue, select a light blue first , then a darker blue to give it a stronger, richer colour

Now let that area air dry…. patience is KEY!

Now take your curling iron or flat iron and go over the area to set the chalk in.

And that’s it! click the link above for more in depth details if you want.

Tell me how it went… did you chalk your hair? send in a photo for us at GOSH to post!



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