Weird Wednesday

cute little Sky

cute little Sky

Weird Wednesday



Hey Ladies and Gents.. Okay so my work-vaca will be wrapping soon…


We got today, Weird Wednesday to check in and see what’s going on.

One thing that’s weird that I want to point out is Rachel Zoe and baby #2. Yes, it’s weird to me because …..

Let me show you her photo and then get into this whole parent/mother/fashion/ GOD thing.. yes.. The fashion gods…

So is she or is she not pregnant?

Rumors have it that she is…it went wild fire last week about her being pregnant and quite frankly I had a rip in my tummy just thinking about it.


We all love Rachel…I adore her but she is truly a ‘people pleaser’ in my opinion, being dominated by the one and only tag along, her husband.

Now, bear with me for a second, I’m not ripping her, only having a major observation.

We have basically watched Rach. Grow up on TV so to speak. She is a major guru in styling and has leaped herself into the design aspect of fashion, which has been a big challenge for her all together. She has expanded her brand in a mega way and pretty fast in certain areas. She has skills and a team that backs her.

My point, her heart, mind and soul is in Fashion. Period. Her clothes, her talent and skills and her clients are her children and besties.

We see that and we know in all this is where she would rather be if anything else fails. So the pressures met out to her since doing The Rachel Zoë Project on BRAVO TV, have narrowed itself into her people around her questioning and pushing for her to have a child. The vata energy in her was a nerve wreck.

But she did it anyway after being backed up in a corner.

Now, the pressure is on again for her to have a second child, ” to make Skylar happy and have a play mate” … really? What happen to learning to love and understand your first? What happen to the love of both parents first?

Yet, it’s not so. This is to basically shut her husband up and quite frankly she doesn’t feel ready to do so. It doesn’t get easier, it’s more arms to go around.

I find it heartbreaking and ridiculous. This has nothing to do with money or prestige. It has to do with the Why?

So, is Rachel pregnant? I hope not! In all honesty, she has to truly develop mentally stronger and not allow outside family, friends and co workers.. which is a NO NO in my book to be giving any type of opinion in what should be done in my family structure and relations. HELLO!

If she is pregnant though, no more nannies, do it yourselves all 100% .. like so many others do least learn inside and out how to do it all as parents before hiring…I suggest 6 months straight on your own without outside help. It will give her or anyone out there thicker skin with a stronger foundation.

Rachel being pregnant with number 2 is definitely a weird Wednesday to me!

Do you want her to have another? Tell me Yes or NO below.


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