Money Monday!

Money Monday!



Happy Monday.

Hope you had a cool weekend.

July 4th, Fire Works, is around the corner. What will you be doing? Tell us below in the comment box. Would love to hear ūüôā

Last night was the BET 2013 Music Awards, held in LA. Did you catch it?

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Whom I want to zoom in on is Ms. India.Arie

She’s BACK with a renewed spirit and a new album called SongVersation. She was recently on Oprah‘s Super Soul Sunday. Amazing, amazing interview. She has truly understood the light that resides in her and I am so proud of her journey of truly finding herself. Check out this clip below…

Not being attached! is key. not being attached to all the things, stuff, places.. etc..the knowing that all ‘this’ is temporary and knowing the true purpose of this experience here. OMG, I love it!

She has come into her own, which we all want to achieve. The peace. The understanding. And can say ” This is the life. It’s all ok” at the end of our day.

Check out her new single called ” I am Light”. It is an animation video with lyrics and its sweetly done.

Money Monday is within you. Be Light.

India.Arie, GoshAbout, blog daily, vlogging, Najaam Lee, oprah, image consulting, lifestyle coachingAnd NO! She did not lighten her skin. OMG! People are so … I’m sorry, this is so ignorant. Can we stop this stupid talk of colour this .. colour that.. GOSH! … look you must have self worth! end of story.


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photo credit: Google/Oprah Winfrey Network, India.Aire/YouTube

Video credit: Youtube/I Am Light


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