My Friday BEEF! ” You Can Touch My Hair “… NOT!

My Friday BEEF! ” You Can Touch My Hair “… NOT!



Today I got a Friday Beef for you that’s been spinning on my head ALL week. Seriously. And this piece of news has had a little buzz, but this post will bring it to the forefront–just saying.

Today’s beef is on the exhibition on “ You Can Touch My Hair” held in Union Square in New York on June 6 and 8th. This exhibition was considered a Social Experiment.

This is of course my opinion but I do want this to be an open discussion as well. If this topic makes you uncomfortable express it below in the comment box. ok

Antonia Opiah the founder of UnRuly, a website, and the event’s organizer wanted to answer the fascinating question that women of colour receive all the time, and that is ” Can I touch Your Hair ? ” If you are a coloured/ or African american, however you describe yourself, probably have been approached with this question. I can stand up and say I HAVE!

So, Ms. Opiah’s mission in this exhibition was to explore this fascination with black hair, by allowing anyone – a passerby- the opportunity to touch a black woman‘s hair.

I was highly upset when I heard about this project and why would a woman of colour allow perfect strangers come up and touch their hair to appease their fascination! an OUTRAGE.  Let’s watch the video below and then get into why I disagree with this.. shall we

Now the video was beautiful in visual aspect but it would have been better to hear all that was said for everyone. Because, by viewing the participants facial expressions during the exhibition showed discomfort  . I can see they were being polite and doing a job, but the only one who showed some type of joy for this was the event organizer herself!

Am I right or am I right?

I must quote Malliha, who I’ve had a chance to know and has such a beautiful spirit. She was one of the participants. This is coming from the Huffington Post

Sporting a huge halo of voluminous natural curls, Malliha, a black Pakistani woman, completed the trio of “You Can Touch My Hair” volunteers. However, she said she’s uncomfortable with the whole issue and finds other people’s curiosity to be highly intrusive. So what would make the 27-year-old model and writer — who said she owns a T-shirt that reads “I don’t like when strangers touch my hair” — let inquisitive fingers dive into her locks?

Malliha said the exhibition gives her an opportunity to learn what motivates certain individuals to attempt such an intimate act, and in return, she can provide a public etiquette lesson by explaining why it should never be done. “What is the underlying thing behind it? Is it because it’s different? Is it because of the cultural aspect of it? What is it that compels people to do it, or to ask?” she said.

While she admits there may be no conclusive answer to her questions, Malliha said, “At the end of the day, it’s just hair. We all have hair, and it’s beautiful that we all have different textures and we’re blessed with so many different styles of hair. For me, I could shave my hair off tomorrow and donate it, and I’d be fine with that because my hair doesn’t define me. It’s not me as a person.”

For me hair is sacred. It is apart of your crown and crown chakra. Most are born with it. If it was just hair without a purpose then I don’t think we would be born with it. Hair for thousands and thousands of years have been a sacred part of the physical world and universal world. There is something that happens when hair is suddenly chopped or shaved off without proper preparation and in truth it shocks the mind and the body, a moment of disillusion happens, or an out pour of emotions happen. When you are prepared mentally for this process, the mind, body and spirit has a way to handle the new change and accept without an after shock so to speak.

To have another energy touch your hair, without clean hands or an unknowing of whom they are or how they live, is something unsettling to me. Yes it is like opening your doors into a sacred space which is a sacred space. The crown holds a lot of energy by which you will see many people cover their heads or wrap their hair in a particular way. Its understanding that we are more than just flesh/or water and earth. We are mostly made of energy/rays/light.

So my conclusion on this is why do we need to open that door of our light? All walks of life came through and touched your hair, what did you do after? Did any washed their right after this experiment? did any feel different or felt nothing during and after? Was this experiment accomplished or did it raise more questions than before ?

I do not think it should be done much less be given an opportunity to do so in a public matter which to me is disrespectful as a woman of colour. I am sacred and to have that be watered down is not right. If there is a curiosity to touch hair .. there are plenty of hair stores that carry hair in packages and on mannequins, from real hair to fake hair. If there is a fascination go and touch those!

That’s my Friday BEEF!

How do you feel about this sensitive topic? Would you have total strangers touch your hair? tell me your answer now in the comment box below 🙂

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Malliha Ahmad (Model for HSN) 2011

Malliha Ahmad (Model for HSN) 2011 (Photo credit: Erin Marzilli)