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We have a new post title for Tuesdays called Double Tuesday, which I will be posting anything from the latest sales, deals, to anything else fun and having Two of them is better. So let’s get into it!

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credit Macy’s
macy sales happening all week.

macys, najaam, sandals, summer, shoes, sales, ivanka trump, lee,Moroccan, tysha,  blog daily, market online,

credit Tysha Moroccan Dress Sandal/Macy’s $169.99  (was $200)

macys, najaam, sandals, summer, shoes, sales, ivanka trump, lee,Moroccan, tysha,  blog daily, market online, tysha, moroccan, evening, sandals, double tuesday, gosh about,

credit Ivanka Trump Aryella Evening Sandal/ Macy’s $109.99
( was $150)

I love shoes. Especially summer sandals because they show off the angles of the feet and legs. Delicate and feminine. And I think that’s how we all want to look and feel. Summer pedicures are a must for sandals, plus pamper the skin especially. Remove the ash, the wide lines, and begin elevating your feet at least 30 minutes a day when your day completes. Massage and get fresh blood circulating which will hydrate the skin and rejuvenate it also, plump it up 🙂

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