Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!


We are finally here. And I had a BLAST doing this amazing series! Go check out the videos on Colours in Vedic Fashion for my personal tips. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here . 

For the Announcements:

Since this wrap up, My Friday BEEF will be posted next Friday, please stay tuned in for that.

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Learning your body type and body shape will help you to style and improve your inner self and outer self. This type of combining will help you to bring a complete look that exudes power and confidence.

My suggestion if you are going to style your own self, is to get my book, Discovering Your FIT, go back and review the posts and watch many of the videos for step by step how tos.

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Styling is simple once you understand who you are and what you have at the present moment. Once you know that truth, then things can fall into place like puzzle pieces. It becomes fun and exciting because now you know what’s best for you, what brands and fabrics work well with you and so much more.

colours in vedic fashion, wrap up, najaam, lee, puzzle, pieces, styling, image, consulting
colours in vedic fashion, wrap up, najaam, lee, puzzle, pieces, styling, image, consulting



Photo credits:, SolangeKnowles

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