My Friday BEEF! “Fake People”


My Friday BEEF!

Fake People

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It’s Friday. A very raining late afternoon and I’m watching the rain come down. Beautiful. I love it. So today’s Friday Beef is ” What Ticks Me OFF About FAKE People “. That’s right. I’ve had enough and this may turn into a 2 part series. Will see. But can you relate? I hate my time being wasted and I hate that people hide behind their computer and pretend to want help yet are such cowards who won’t even show their face. If what ever I have to say “offends” you, I really don’t care.. as a matter of fact I rather you stop following GoshAbout… and I rather have real, authentic followers and supporters with me. So with that being said lets go…

fake, phony, people, my friday beef, gosh about, blog daily, vlog, video

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NOW, the Beef! I had to do the Beef in video because I want you to hear me out fully. And understand why I’m having a beef with these types of people. Watch


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