It’s My Friday BEEF!

It’s My Friday BEEF!


It’s Friday…TGIF

Well I have some beef this week and I’m going to spill my guts out and see it fuel into flames on this blog screen. lol… Let’s get into it. Today‘s Friday BEEF is on MEN & Their Antics! CHEATER>

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Yesterday your girl got into a car accident. Yes! I’m good but the other driver got a piece of my mind. I woke up this morning in a lot of pain today in my leg.. so my bed is with me today. Yea I was soo upset that this dude had the nerve to come up in my face that my tongue had give him a lashing. You feel me!

Any hoo the other Friday BEEF I have today has to do with men who are in relationships and decide to CHEAT! Yes. Let’s chop this up.

So a close source to me found out about a well-known marriage has a cheater in the mix. Its crazy how this idiot wanted to do this. All based on his damn EGO! Let me break it down. The star is a well-known power house. She is everywhere working very hard to bring that paper home and give her family the life! All he has to do is focus on his business as well. But here’s the clicker. She was sick for a bit, back and forth in the hospital and had to do a lot of rest. Understandable right? She was still working while trying to get better and this idiot was of no help.. no use. Complained about her being sick and complained about not enough money coming in and complained and complained. Yet, he has a very lucrative business to take care of her while she was down. Excuse me, isn’t that what a marriage is about!!! Do I have it twisted?

So after she got better and had to get alot done to bring herself up to all the gigs coming through and the amounts of appearances she must make in order to bring that bread in. He sat back, collecting!

So during her comeback, he was seen many times at a certain location having lunch, and sometimes cocktails. So ladies, you know how you can fish you a man with cash in his hand. Well this particular chic was staking him out. And would appear around the right times he was there. Yup! So, he had removed his ring and began to indulge in conversations with this girl.Please note: my spies are all over this one!!! He was smiling from ear to ear, opening his pocket for this girl while his WIFE and CHILD was at home. I’m serious. As they say, ” when the kitten is away, the mouse will play” and sure nuff what you think he did?

cheater, spouse, got caught, sex, in bed, gosh about, friday beef, najaam lee

So our star was getting better and got back in her flow and things seemed to be good for a while, but she revealed to my source that she felt something was like missing. She couldn’t pin point it at the time, but she felt like something was different. But like a week or so after speaking, that man’s kingdom fell. Actually crashed! He got caught in the act!.

You know if you are going to cheat don’t do it in your OWN HOME. Be smart about it. And don’t be taking unusual calls in different areas of the house where no one can “supposedly” hear you. They CAN!

Yes ladies and men, he got found out. And he was nearly gutted. I know you guys are wondering, why? Why would he do this? Why would he hurt his wife and kids. Why would he jeopardize his life and family?

Of all the answers in the world to give, his dumb excuse is to blame his wife for being sick and in the hospital which deprived him of his sexual urges. OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

I’m sick!

That’s my Friday Beef!

Tweetme at hashtag #FridayBeef  and tell me if you have ever been cheated on? What did he or she do? How did you find out? And What was the excuse?

Look cheating hurts. Its not a great feeling, especially if you are married to someone you think really loves you and has their best interest in you. Seriously for me, I’d rather stay single and love myself than be in any relationship with a man with ” moving eyes “. If you are going to cheat, get a divorce first. And make sure the divorce has been finalized completely.


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