Friday BEEF! MC vs NM


Its my Friday BEEF! Mariah Carey vs Nicki Minaj and the entire American Idol. This BEEF is going to be dirty. Warning.

American Idol

American Idol

So lets say this as Little Wayne did” … see you different when you get in front of da camera. Just a few minutes before this you was da real you!….” And its true, that whole nasally, slur talking .. whatever you call stamma.. has got to go! Go get you a singer who can teach you CORRECTLY how to sing , breathe,  much less talk! Because in all seriousness you have entered a ring geared to Singers. Real Singers. Nicki IS NOT A SINGER! Lets be real. Please. The girl is a lyrical spoken word expressive artist. God dammit Shes A RAPPER IN A WRAPPER! Gosh! She has me writing lyrics too.

But what is sooo appalling is all the DISRESPECT coming from a young girl who is young in the game! Did you forget who put you on before the rest followed putting her own. And it didn’t come easy.Yes! Mariah Carey put her on… sh@t! watch the tape.. ” UP OUT MY FACE!” Yes.. this is when Nicki had such AWESOME FLOW! Holla! She was humble. Now this character in front of us.. someone call me an exorcist!


Now Mariah! I don’t know who told you in all these weeks to be just a pretty-smiley face and wave like you are MISS AMERICA ? But We need a straight up, Long Island- New Yorkican – DIVA that you are .. to step out and sit on the throne that we know you for. Whoever told you to do that NEEDS TO BE FIRED! — just Trump It! Yet on American Idol this week you showed us the real Mariah that WE LOVE. The fierce- powerful-knowledgeable woman we all fell in love with. The conquering lioness of songs! Enchanting us with your voice. This is who we missed! WELCOME BACK!!!

This is my Friday BEEF!

And GOSH! I do love the both of them. No hating here. Its a BITCH SLAP. OK!

If you think Nicki Minaj was disrespectful to Mariah, tell us below. If you don’t, tell us why ?

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