Friday BEEF!



Today’s Friday Beef is on the News Media. Yes! I got beef with journalists who are anchors of the station. The ones you see every morning, afternoon, evening and late night news. This is an OMG Moment!  So, I’m watching the morning news and lo and behold my eyes went into bulging attack. Yes, you know the astonish look with the gasp. Yes, my neighbours could have probably heard me thinking I was being Murdered. This was Fashion Murder! HELLO!

I quickly flipped the channel to the next news station and there she go. Another infamous anchor doing a Fashion Murder. I was choking at this point. 2 anchor women in 1 morning. NO this could not be. Let me tell you what I saw…. CHEAP, UNFITTING, LACK LUSTER & FEMININITY…. should I say more.. hair looked like it was Frozen overnight.. I can still see the frost! I’m having a panic attack just writing this out.

I mean! You are on the AIR. Reporting the news. Please at least look PRESENTABLE. You have an audience staring at you via their televisions, iPad, iPod  laptops, etc… I mean. You do represent this state! .. geezz should I call out the stations…. hmmmm…. Your network that you work for should be giving you a Wardrobe Budget. Unless you know nothing about shopping or style… or the stylist you have knows nothing about image to style you right. Either way.. its not right. You can’t be in front of the camera and when they zoom in and out I can see the bottom half of you looking ” toe – up”. I’m A Stylist and I see ALL. down to the last pinky toe thats hanging outside the strap of the sandals you are wearing. Lift it and put it back under the strap.. or better yet, don’t wear that type of shoes. Period.

That’s My Friday Beef!

How do you think a News Anchor Woman should dress for reporting news and entertainment? do you think they should have a stylist?


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