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No Beef Today! It was lashed out yesterday. If you missed it click here.

I want to address the upcoming event, BORN TO MODEL SUMMIT, because this is a unique event and I want to answer a few questions we have been getting about it.

Born To Model Summit is a first major event kicking off the Spring-Summer 2013 season and its a BIG THING! Why? If you ever wanted to be a Model, or you are a New Face Model or someone you is creative and want to express your talent, this event is for you. We have a mix of top industry experts, special guests that will be speaking, and sharing easy-to-follow strategies to take your dream to a successful, working career in the modeling and fashion world. And isn’t that we all want? Work? Its great to take photos all day, but its about Booking those gigs on a consistent basis. Right? so, how? You gotta come to Born To Model Summit where all these questions  and more will be answered with easy directions for you too to have it!  Click photo above for more information.


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