Pick On Someone Your OWN SIZE!


(be aware, this is Raw talk)

Sorry, this has just gone on too long and this needs to be slammed down SILENCED!

This whole Jay Z and Beyonce is giving me a Thursday Beef that Friday is just too far away to hold it in any longer. I don’t like getting into Politics, but this crap needs to stop. CUBA-US-BEYONCE

CUBA, a nation that is a communist and at the same time a very poor island. America don’t want no one visiting that country, don’t show no help, nothing and yet place a Prison Camp on their very island.. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!  oh and lets not forget where the IRS address is too.. no where near the continent called America! Hello .. lets f—ing talk!

You bring nothing but the worse to their island, all that “water-board” hell these people do — was done on that base. Oh how we forget who really started this war. In school and in life don’t we say ” pick on someone your own size”. When thousands upon thousands try to leave Cuba and come up on USA borders, most are killed less a camera crew catches it .. lets speak truth.. most Cubans are turned away.. most die drowning in that sea. US have bans on Cuba that no foods, products etc can go into Cuba and Cuba can’t make no money to help their country in Export. so who’s really acting as a Communist? Cuba or America? — pick on somebody your own size!

So, after Obama consented this trip, Fools call Republicans wanna chat sh*t,… actually eat sh*t…. Lets talk. You have soo much still to be done in this very country with employment,  health care , housing and insurance, and your set of republican tribes sit on their very butts and not work together for the better good of this country. I’m sorry, who planned 911 in the back room of the white house? You want to start something? Start with TRUTH and stop fabricating to take American minds off whats really going on! Its OK to visit China, buy everything made in China, import and export Chinese goods… hold up .. China is a Communist Country. The difference is US is indebted to Them. So kiss ass time for a very long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long ….TIME!

Jay Z drop the track! http://snd.sc/Zb6Tyw


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