Hey Goshers! Its a crazy kick of a week for Team Vedic.. OMG did you hear? Watch THIS!

Yes, its sooooo on. BORN TO MODEL SUMMIT. Super Excited. You are ALL invited to come and support. A percentage of the sales from Born To Model Summit will go to a charity too. This event is soo unique and massive that you Cannot afford to Miss this. Trust Me!!! Go now and get your tickets early: Born To Model Tickets

Did you hear this? Thank you NY Daily News, Beyonce is going to be singing a track by the late Amy Winehouse for the Great Gatsby soundtrack, produced by Jay-Z (her hubby) and the song is ‘ Back To Black”, which, by the way, is my fav song. But what’s sooo interesting is that ANDRE 3000 and Beyonce are linking up for this song. Hmmmmm…. this is a unique sound mix. Looking forward to hearing it!

What about you?




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