Kim Kardashian out and about in Beverly Hills, Ca wearing(or squeezing) a colour block of Black on top and turquoise at the bottom.

Lets chat about this look, and all the other looks I have been seeing her wear and its so NOT flattering. As a pregnant woman your body type changes, what you would probably have worn prior is now NOT going to work. The dimensions of your shape is shifting. Its time to take a closer look and put away the “tight/snug clothes” away and get special maternity pieces bought or made for you. Whose ever dressing Kim has never been pregnant before or does not know anything about body shapes. period. Kim should be wearing longer dresses, do a Bohemian look which would be beautiful on her right now. Get her into some long jersey dresses/ or Maxis… add some curls/ soft defined waves to her hair. RZ would have some great bohemian style pieces for her, as well as Oscar would have some beautiful summer dresses for her new body type. Like seriously who’s dressing Kim? When you have the baby and loose the baby weight, then you can get back into your snug outfits, but for now be styled for a natural elegance and comfortably!

*Feedback: let me know your thoughts. Do you Like her look today or Hate it? Write your answer below.


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